. Data Centre : IT Services

Data Centre

We offer many services from our own data centre. We are not a reseller. We have our own staff who manage the maintenance, monitoring and implementation of our servers.

Our secure data centre is protected by CCTV, Coded Secure Pass Entry and Maglock systems. You can be sure your data and hardware are safe.

Colocation hosting

We can provide a home for your own server with all the bandwidth you'll need.

Server hosting

Want your own server but don't have a secure location? Not sure about the cost implications? We can help.

Web Hosting

We can host your website for you. Whether on your own dedicated or shared server we can provide you with space and bandwidth to run your site.


Domains can be hosted with us utilising our servers to managed the traffic.

Email hosting

We can host and manage your email for you. Using our Mail Filter service. We can provide you with POP, IMAP and full featured Exchange accounts