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Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is computing based on the internet.

In the past, a user would run applications or programs from a physical computer or server in their building. Cloud computing allows users to access the same kinds of applications and systems through the internet. It is a solution growing in popularity, with predictions that spending this year will exceed £60 billion. 

Only pay for what you need | Updates are automatic | Scaling up or down is easy  

Flexible Scalability

Need more workstations? More file storage space? A cloud based systems allows you to grow more easily, quickly and for a lower cost.

Disaster Recovery

With cloud IT systems a much more simple disaster recovery plan is required than a traditional IT setup. Businesses which use the cloud are able to resolve issues nearly four times faster than businesses that don’t use the cloud. A study on disaster recovery concluded that companies that didn’t use the cloud had to rely on tape backup methods and complicated procedures to recover – slow, laborious things which cloud users simply don’t use. See here for our data backup services. 

Automatic Software Updates

Updating your software is performed automatically for you, saving time and money.

Cost Effective 

Cloud computing services are typically pay as you go, so there are much lower initial costs. Also, as cloud systems are quicker to deploy, project start-up costs are minimised and the ongoing spend is predictable.

Work Remotely

As long as a user has an internet connection, then they can work from anywhere. This flexible approach positively affects a workers' work-life balance and productivity. Studies show workers would take a lower salary if they could work remotely. 

Document Management and Collaboration

Cloud computing keeps all files in one central location, and every user works from one central copy. They can even chat to each other whilst making changes together. This process increases collaboration, improves efficiency and therefore benefits a company’s bottom line.


A laptop breaking or getting stolen is a common occurence. By storing data on the cloud you are protecting it from being lost or the data getting in to the wrong hands.

Competitive Edge

Cloud based systems allows SMEs access to expensive enterprise software and hardware. This gives you an advantage with competitors as you'll have the expensive systems and resources for a smaller cost.

Environmentally friendly

Businesses using only use the server space they need, decrease their carbon footprint. Using the cloud means the business uses less energy, good for the environment with the added bonus of saving money 

In a cloud computing based environment the hardware and software is managed for you. This helps to take some of the daily workload off your business, allowing you to do more with the resources you have.

Most businesses are forced to spend a significant portion of their time on frustrating implementation, maintenance, and upgrade of IT infrastructure. Increasingly, businesses are turning to cloud computing technology to minimize the time spent on their IT. This allows them to focus on the main aims of their business.