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How valuable is your data? Do you backup your customer files? What would you do if you lost your customer data or your own business records?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself when considering the stability of your business. It’s all to easy to put the protection of your vital data to the bottom of your ‘Todo’ list. A system to insure the safety of your business is cost effective, easy to implement , simpler and cheaper than traditional tape backup.

Comprehensive Backups

Most data loss occurs from accidental deletion, viruses and hardware failure, while fire, flood and theft, are also possible causes of why data can be lost. Our systems ensure your data is protected from all eventualities.

Regular Scheduled Backups

Our backups are conducted on a daily basis, however a personalised backup schedule that meets your exact requirements can be implemented upon request. Our robust systems guarantee a scheduled backup is never missed, where as staff sickness, busy work schedules, holidays or lack of technical knowledge often lead to backups being missed.

Are Your Backups Failing?

When your data is lost the only way to restore it is from your backups. It is at this point that many companies discover that their backups have not worked. Common reasons for this are data corruption, faulty media or the wrong information has been selected for backup. Whilst a successful backup is ideal it is more important to know when a backup has failed. After each backup we provide a report via email to the client detailing the success or failure of the backup and a list of files and folders that have or have not been backed up.

Failed Backups

What your backup solution provider does in the event of a backup failure is a measure of how reliable your backup actually is. We take pride in contacting the client to ensure vital backups are not missed and subsequently, do not fail. All we require from the client to conduct a successful backup is a computer with an active internet connection.

File Recovery

Files or folders can be quickly and easily recovered using our online web portal. Simply log in to our secure website to browse your data backups and then simply download your files.